Vibrant Colour In The Flower Border!

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Vibrant Colour In The Flower Border!

Time is flying by and its doesn’t seem that long ago that I was looking forward to my snowdrops and daffodils, I’ve just picked the seed heads off my daffs. and I’m counting the big fat flower buds on my Iris germanicas.

I love large showy perennials giving a bit of drama here and there in my borders. One of my favourites is the Lupin.! I’ve had the same ones in for a few years and one has disappeared so it’s time for some extra colour.

I’ve taken a fancy to the West Country Lupins, these come in fabulously bright colours with names like Gladiator, Persian Slipper, Beefeater and Towering Inferno. They’re names say it all!

I’ve chosen three for my borders, these are ‘Terracotta’ (early) a bright rusty orange colour with yellow flecks, ‘Manhattan Lights’ (mid) an absolutely stunning bicolour of purple and yellow followed by ‘Gladiator’ (late) a bright orange and yellow bicolour.

They’re all strong growing plants and won’t need staking, growing in most well-drained soils (except very chalky) in full sun or part shade means that they’ll suit several places except my wildlife/woodland garden because that’s too shady.

Not only will they will give me the vibrant and dramatic colour that I want, but they’re also grouped into flowering times, earlies, mid-season and lates meaning that I will get dramatic colour for a longer period. Just like other lupins they’ll need the dead flower stems removing, a little fertiliser and a top-dressing at the end of the season will help them for the following year. I want them to bulk up for next year so won’t allow them to seed this year.

Some more beautiful stunning plants are Asiatic lilies, I love them too! So does the red lily beetle! If you want to enjoy the flowers for yourself watch out because it’s out and about. It will nibble the leaves and flowers and its slimy little offspring will finish them off.