Time to prepare for cooler weather

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Time to prepare for cooler weather

We are certainly very lucky at the moment with the weather, I am sure you will agree it has been really lovely (it had better stay for my annual autumn short break in North Wales!).  We have however had the odd chilly night which has started me thinking I need to move some of my indoor plants around now so that they are in the best position for the next few months.

     Firstly, my streptocarpus are going to be moved out of the conservatory and onto windowsills in the house.  They have been under reed-screen shading in the conservatory but that will now be removed as I have a collection of cyclamen starting to come back to life in there and they require as much light as they can get.

     I have a large Brugmansia out on the patio and am hoping it is not too tall to fit in the conservatory now.  An attack of red spider mite did knock this plant back during the summer but it recovered after being sprayed with an insecticide.  It has now got lots of new flower buds on and I want to enjoy the blooms and their lovely scent within the conservatory for as long as possible into the winter months.

     Still outside in their summer spot are two large indoor azaleas, one of which is starting to produce its lovely red flowers.  These too will need space in the conservatory soon as I don’t want to risk them getting frosted.

     My epiphyllum, which normally blooms over winter and spring, decided to start flowering outside a few weeks ago so that has returned to its high shelf in the conservatory so that the flowers are displayed at their best.

     Changes in season just means that, with a little  adjustment here and there with your indoor  plants, your displays can continue to give pleasure well into the autumn.