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     Regular followers of my ramblings into the wonderful world of indoor plants will no doubt be aware of my passion for streptocarpus, the “Cape Primrose”.  This is reminder time again as the first collection of the spring season has arrived on the garden centre.

     Because we use a specialist grower for our streptocarpus we are able to offer a wide range of varieties and every year that includes some new ones.   A particularly  striking dark pink variety called Cariad is a new introduction for 2015. This variety has compact leaves with a medium length flower stalk so this one should appeal to more people as I know many of you are not so keen on the large leaved varieties (they do need  a lot of space, I know!)  By the way, Cariad is a Welsh term of endearment.

     Another 2015 introduction is a blue and white variety called Marion.  Like  Cariad, Marion is a tidy plant and has a long flowering season.

     Because streptocarpus grow in wooded areas in the mountains  they thrive in the dappled sunlight that the trees provide.  A good location in the home would be on  a west or east facing windowsill or in a shaded greenhouse or conservatory.

     Be very careful not to overwater streptocarpus,  the surface of the compost needs to be drying out before you apply water, even to the point where the leaves may just be starting to droop a little.

     Don’t be in a rush to pot your streptocarpus into larger pots, they will flower best if kept a little pot bound.  Regular feeding will help to keep them in tip top condition.  A fertiliser high in potash will keep your streptocarpus flowering right through from early spring to late autumn.  A quick and easy way to feed your plants is to insert a streptocarpus feed tablet into the compost about once a month.