Time For a Tidy Up!

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Time For a Tidy Up!

With being very busy at work I haven’t spent as much time pottering about in the garden as usual, instead I’ve just ‘chilled out’ in it enjoying the peace and colourful space that I’ve created, as well as tucking into a few yummy strawberries and raspberries that are growing in containers. I also have my eyes on some chocolate cherry tomatoes showing a hint of colour. It won’t be long before I’m testing those too!

This weekend I will have a good weeding session, tidy up my fruit trees and pick up any fallen fruit. My duo plum is the worst because in early spring one side was infested with aphids, now its fruit is either deformed, hardly growing or falling off, the leaves are twisted and discoloured, with some new growth appearing.

The other side looks a lot better with healthy looking plums. Sad really because I’ve trained the tree into a lovely shape and waited a long time for it to fruit.

I’ve noticed some scale on my Golden Elm tree, its not too bad, a little spray of a systemic insecticide will sort it out before it gets any worse. Its a lovely tree that contrasts beautifully with my Purple Plum tree.

Lots of plants need cutting back like the red valerian that surround my buddlejas in the front garden, as well as the geraniums, potentillas, ivy, rambling rose and the clematis in the back. The hedge needs cutting too!

I’ve noticed some self-sets need removing because they’ll crowd plants like my Coreopsis verticillata ‘Zagreb’ and Phlox paniculata ‘Cosmopolitan’. I really do love these plants! The coreopsis will soon have a mass of sunny golden yellow flowers, its compact upright habit is ‘purrfect’ for my cat who loves laying beside it for a little shade.

The phlox has lovely fragrant bright pink flowers, with a compact habit and grows to about eighteen inches. The bees love it too!

Oh my goodness, not much of a day off, but it’s worth it if I’m to enjoy it all for longer!