There’s Always Something To Do!

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There’s Always Something To Do!

It’s Sunday before you read this and what a wonderful sunny morning it is! I’ve enjoyed my usual walk round the garden taking stock of what’s going on and coming up. The blue flowering Crocus ‘The Conqueror’ are nicely shooting through as the last autumn colchicums fall over. The colchicum flowers don’t seem to last long but are a welcome blast of colour on the ground in autumn, that’s if you don’t mind their large green leaves in spring, of which I don’t mind.

Aster x frikartii ‘Monch’ was my first michaelmas daisy to flower and as usual is the last one too, but not for long; its looking a little tired and will be cut down with everything else very soon.

The garden is already covered with leaves from the poplar trees and I shall clear them away into the compost bin later today in hope that the hedgehogs might find it a great winter resting place again. This will be the only leaf clearance I’ll do, after that the leaves can break down naturally because I don’t have a lawn that will spoil from them and the birds will find it easier to find worms!

The bird boxes need cleaning out too because birds often sleep in the boxes during the winter nights.

I have noticed that my iris germanica areas are looking a little patchy as some of the large rhizomes have withered and after removing them I have some spaces. Last year when they were flowering I noticed that one blue iris was odd and was probably a self set; of course I didn’t know that until it flowered so early next year I’ll dig it up and fill all the gaps with a few little beauties that I know shall be coming into stock next year. I’ll tell you about those another time!

I have a couple of little spaces near my woodland garden, two winter flowering white hellebores Helleborus niger ‘Snow Crystal’ and H. ericsmithii ‘Shooting Star’ will do the trick. Its a fairly light area with some sun, but will need organic matter adding to the soil to give it some extra moisture retention. These beautiful evergreen perennials will add extra winter interest too.