There’s Always More to Do!

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There’s Always More to Do!

I’m sure many of us are trying to finish off those last few tasks in the garden before the worst of the winter weather stops us in our tracks.

A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d finished laying my stepping stones only to realise that after using them for a little while I have a few adjustments to make.

After clearing the fallen leaves and placing them in the compost bin, bags and a big pile next to the hedgehog hotel, you would hardly know that I’d done it because the poplar trees have shed more. I have just as many to clear again, but after that the rest are for the worms.

I had intended to trim my buddleias for the winter, just half way so that the winter winds don’t damage them, but I’ve noticed that many of the dead flower heads have ladybirds huddling together in them, so that task will have to wait until spring unless the ladybirds move out into their new winter homes that I’ve just hung up.

Sadly this year I’ve only seen two ladybirds in the back garden and one in the front until recently. Previous years in early summer I’ve had to watch my every step to avoid standing on them. I’ve really missed them!

I’ve cleaned out the bird boxes ready for next year too and stocked up with an assortment of winter feed to keep the birds fuelled up when they visit.

At the end my woodland/wildlife garden there is a raised bed with a project still in progress because it’s that long lasting ‘problem area’, most of us have one. The leylandii conifer trees on the other side of the fence make it very difficult to grow anything despite my various attempts over the years and the back fence is untidy. I’ve had a eureka moment and decided to cover it with heather screening to make it look more attractive, it should last a very long time because the area is exceptionally dry. Sometime during spring I’ll create a little woodland scene of some kind to finish it off.