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Breakfast & Tea with Santa events

Please note all Tea with Santa events are now full We have some spaces on our breakfast with Santa events on 20th and 21st December  

Fresh Christmas trees

Our fresh Christmas trees are now in stock Lots of choices and sizes in both cut and potted options


Although my primary job here at the garden centre is houseplant care, I have also been very busy on the autumn/winter hanging baskets and tubs for outdoor use.  There are lots of plants that can be used to brighten up the garden as we drift into the cooler months and if your summer containers are…
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DRACEANA “Dragon tree”

Having just taken delivery of a lovely selection  of draceanas I thought it a good time to refresh your memories on their upkeep.They make great candidates for the home or office and come  a wide variety of leaf shapes and colour. Draceana is the Greek word for female dragon and the “dragons blood” is said…
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When choosing a houseplant an ivy may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but these underestimated plants are not just for the garden, they have their uses indoors as well.   Ivies have come a long way in terms of  variety since our Victorian ancestors grew the plain green-leaved forms in their parlours…
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Mother’s Day Gifts

💕 Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day to a expert garden advice visit, for the special price of £30.00, This is for a home visit lasting 1 hour, where you will get professional advice on anything gardening, whether that be where best to place that plant you’ve just bought, how to prune those fruit trees you’ve…
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