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Wise Watering

At the time of writing we were still in the grip of the recent long-lasting heatwave and so it seemed sensible to me to put down a few words about trying to keep your garden healthy and happy during a long period of dryness and heat. Whilst we all know that there are plenty of…
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Houseplant Department News

This morning I have had a full session on houseplant cleaning, a job a really enjoy and even more so when the results are so dramatic. I cannot believe the amount of dust that is floating in through the open vents at the moment. So with the aid of my trusty duster, a damp cloth…
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Citrus Plants

We have taken delivery of a nice collection of citrus plants just recently, so I thought now would be a good time to remind you about their general care. The most popular by far are the lemon trees and these are probably the easiest to look after. They can be grown in a greenhouse or…
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Cherry Trees

Well, the madness of this Spring weather continues and as I write this on a cold and VERY wet Easter Monday I reflect on the fact that early Easter often tends to be disappointing weather wise!                                             I remember moving to a new house once during an early Easter and having discovered my chimney to be…
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No need to be ‘SAD’ in the garden, just look at those Winter Pansies!

I’m often asked about plants to keep the garden looking alive and interesting during autumn and winter. There are trees with textured, exfoliating or coloured bark, like the Betula utilis var. jacquemontii with its beautiful chalk white bark, while others bear fruit like the Crab Apple and Rowan. Some shrubs have bright coloured stems, berries,…
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