Summer Watering Tips

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Summer Watering Tips

We are fast  approaching that time of the year again when thoughts of holidays are high on the agenda and it is not until we are nearly on the brink of packing the sun cream when somebody asks “Is anybody looking after the plants?”.  After a few blank looks and mutters of  “They will be fine, its bound to rain”, the question of the indoor plants comes up.  Now, if you are lucky enough to have an obliging neighbour or friend who will pop round and check your plants then this will not be a problem.  However, if your indoor plants are going to be left home alone then some preparation is needed.

     Foliage plants in large pots will most likely be OK for a week or so if given a good drink and placed out of direct sun just before you go on holiday.  It is the plants in small pots that are going to need a little help if they are to survive during your absence.  Capillary matting is a useful aid here. Put some water in your sink and drape one end of a sheet of capillary matting into it, spreading the rest of the sheet across the draining board.  Arrange your plants on the matting on the draining board and the capillary-action of the matting will draw water from your reservoir in the sink.

     If you have a sheltered area in the garden you could always transfer your indoor plants outside.  This is not the ideal solution however as they run the risk being either drowned in heavy downpours or parched in hot weather.

     One handy gadget on the market is a watering device that fits on the end of a plastic pop bottle.  Up-turned into your flower pots, the bottle (with its base cut off) is filled with water and gradually releases moisture directly into the compost.  This is also a great idea for your outdoor tubs as well.

     I hope one of these methods will help keep your plants thriving whilst you are away.