Still plenty to do!

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Still plenty to do!

Its a lovely mild and sunny Sunday morning, a refreshing change after the last couple of days. As much as I don’t like cold, damp and grey days I had been wishing for some to slow the progress of my late winter and spring flowering bulbs. Snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses are breaking through the soil, and I want to enjoy them later when I need them to brighten up those dull days.

The autumn colours have been lovely, but brief before the foliage has fallen. Clearing up leaves has been noticeably easier because there doesn’t seem to have been as many as previous years, not even from the poplars.

Despite the autumn leaves not hanging about for long the garden has plenty of colour from the evergreen shrubs and climbers, colourful stems of the cornus bushes, the beautiful exfoliating mahogany bark of the Tibetan Cherry tree and berries galore on various hollies, cotoneasters, pyracantha, sorbus and hawthorn, the honeysuckle berries have all been eaten.

In the front garden the vibrant yellow flowers of the winter flowering Jasmine clothe a sunny wall next to a climbing rose ‘Iceberg’ it too is still flowering, and below them are colourful polyanthus and primroses.

There’s still plenty to do to get the garden into shape for the winter as well as one very sad task. the cutting down of down my beautiful upright and golden leafed dutch elm called Ulmus x hollandica ‘Wredei’. Its wonderful broad and deep veined foliage has always been a dramatic contrast against the purple foliage of my purple plum tree called Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’.

It hasn’t succumbed to any dreadful disease but suffered with the challenging conditions of my garden especially the very changeable weather over the last few years. Growing at the edge of my woodland garden just where its starts to slope downwards I think the poor drainage when its been exceptionally wet and the opposite when its been dry, also the competition of the poplars has made it sick. Its trunk has dark patches and cracks running along it.

I will miss it, but I’ll replace it with a perennial! Not sure what yet!