Still lots to do!

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Still lots to do!

All year I work outside whatever the weather, but at home I’m a fine weather gardener and I’m already feeling these chilly autumn days, giving me a real sense of urgency to get on with the last few things that I need to do in my garden before the winter arrives.

I don’t particularly look for plants with all year round interest because for me the whole garden is living collage, it doesn’t need every plant to look great all the time. Sometimes it’s the plants that hide for most of the year and suddenly appear out of nowhere, almost forgotten like the autumn flowering crocus or the extra sweet scent of the winter flowering Christmas Box that catch my attention.

I’ve just planted some more crocuses and dwarf daffodils in my wildlife/woodland area and noticed that some bulbs are already poking out of the soil. I never mark where I put bulbs so I’m guessing that they might be snowdrops.

The cyclamen coum have self-seeded well there too and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them flowering in spring, afterwards I’ll spread their seeds well away from the main clump. I lost my autumn flowering cyclamen in that very hard winter so I’ve planted some more, hopefully these will make it. I try to notice everything in the garden that’s in the season I’m in and envisage how it will look in the next.

I’ve added a couple of hollies and dwarf buddleias in the area that I started planting earlier this year, but still need to place some stepping stones so that I can plant more bulbs there after the New Year when they’re available in pots.

One of the most important things on my list is to check that all my bird boxes are secure and cleaned out ready for use.

At the far end of my garden I’ve made a hedgehog house from logs and I’ll cover it with leaves in the hope of a regular visitor. I’m not clearing all the poplar leaves this time, just the fallen branches, always plenty of those.

Let’s hope the autumn is a mild one so that we can all finish what we want to do.