Still Enjoying The Summer and Preparing for The Seasons Ahead!

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Still Enjoying The Summer and Preparing for The Seasons Ahead!

The beauty about gardening is depending on how you have set out your garden and the plants in it will determine how much work is needed to keep them maintained and looking good as well as preparation tasks for the following season. Its up to you!

My garden is a very busy garden with a lot of different plants coming and going so I take photos of newly planted areas and follow up photos too that way I don’t forget what I’ve planted and where so that I don’t need to label everything on the ground.

As the evenings draw in I shall start clearing and tidying up, pruning plants down that are finished for the year, cutting back the ivy to keep it in check, trimming anything back that’s leaning over my borders too much, but always taking into account the features of the plants that continue to give me the interest that I wanted to achieve when I first planted them.

I didn’t used to do as much as I do now but over the years I’ve planted more autumn flowing 800px-Colchicum_speciosum000 and crocuses that are expected to begin blooming soon. They just appear from nowhere giving a fresh burst of colour at ground level. The only drawback of the colchicums is that they produce large fleshy green leaves in spring; fortunately the bright colours of the daffodils and anticipation of other colourful bulbs detract my attention from these and as the colchicum leaves start dying down other plants begin to grow and take over too.

As always there’s a plant that grows bigger than expected, and that one is Spiraea japonica ‘Shirobana’ it’s been so pretty this summer with its flattened flower heads of pink and white, but it growing as if its on steroids which is more than I’d planned for.

Those baby cordylines are yet again sneaking among the red hot pokers, these suckering infants are from the tall dead green Cordyline that I cut down after that bad winter of 2010. I don’t want to spray so I’ll dig them out again and work a bit deeper this time. I will get them all eventually!