Some Late Spring Flowers!

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Some Late Spring Flowers!

The beautiful pink blousy blooms of my Rhododendron ‘Albert Schweitzer’ are finished and after spending a few minutes carefully cutting dead-heads off, taking care not to damage the newly sprouting little buds it instantly looks better. I’ve given it a sprinkling of slow release fertiliser and a good soak. I won’t feed it any more this year, just water as and when it needs it.

An unusual plant in flower in the garden is Honeywort, Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’. It’s a hardy annual and I remember sowing a packet of seeds about fourteen years ago to plant in a galvanised bucket and a mixed flower border, since then I’ve had a few plants every year as self seeds a little, but has never become a pest. This year only one has appeared next to one of my stone seats in a very sunny spot. The foliage is a lovely soft blue-green with little deep purple/blue nodding flowers that will continue into mid summer and are very attractive to bees and other beneficial wildlife. Each flower will eventually produce black seeds that I will spread about for next year.

Another unusual plant is a low growing echium called Echium russicum, it’s one of those plants that gets better each year. Standing almost two feet its showy rich deep red flower spikes are perfect for the front of a flower border or in a gravel garden. Its tough too, drought tolerant and very hardy.

Over the years I’ve added a few wildflowers to my borders and although they occasionally disappear the White Campion, Silene latifolia. is a pretty self-set that’s growing only a few inches away from the base of a dwarf apple tree. It looks happy enough flowering away there and gives a bit of colour next to some late summer flowering plants that are still green and not budded yet.