Some Autumn Planting!

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Some Autumn Planting!

The poplar trees next to my garden have already started shedding and I’ve had to spend some time raking them up, plenty more to follow. My Persian Ironwood, Parrotia persica has been turning red for the last few weeks and will soon be wearing its fiery autumnal shades.

In a large container on the patio a ballerina apple tree ‘Flamenco’ is wearing a delicious crop of bright red apples, around its base some dwarf daffodils with a few crocus lay dormant to give that much needed vibrant colour and fragrance early next year.

Soon the summer bedding and containers will be past their best giving an opportunity to make some seasonal changes to our beds and containers.

Last autumn I planted wallflowers in my little front garden border, they looked lovely, but this time I’m planting polyanthus and primroses to brighten it up. I’m going to put one colour of polyanthus in the middle, and surround them with a primrose border of another colour.

Polyanthus are the ones that have an umbel of flowers at the top of a long flower stem keeping the flowers well above the leaves, whereas primroses have their flowers low down at the centre of the plant. To keep them flowering and looking good just like any flowering plants they need dead-heading, and an occasional tidy up of their foliage watch out for slugs too.

Polys. and prims. are versatile, a good choice for containers too, arranging them around a feature plant such as a small conifer or shrub they can soon brighten up that space, and just to give the container more seasonal interest why not try planting a few dwarf daffodils or tulips. It you like tulips its best to add them a little later though from mid to late autumn.

Those tall strawberry/herb pots with holes for individual plants would look very colourful planted up with primroses, winter pansies or violas too, in fact any empty container would as long as it has drainage holes, even an old pair of boots.