So much to look forward to!

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So much to look forward to!

It’s been a pleasant Sunday morning before you read this and as usual I’ve enjoyed my walk around the garden observing closely at what’s going on.

The bulbs are sprouting up everywhere garden now, it seems like a race between the snowdrops and iris reticulatas with the crocus closely behind.

The spring snowflakes, Leucojum vernum that I planted some years ago were bought in the green from a day trip to Hodsock Priory; they’re doing surprisingly well considering they prefer moist soil of which mine definitely isn’t. They’re planted in a few spots including the woodland garden and not only are they surviving but multiplying gently. I know the line ‘right plants for the right place’, but I liked them so much I just couldn’t resist them and had to try!

Clematis cirrhosa var. purpurascens ‘Freckles’ is flowering early with small nodding bell-like speckled flowers, its a pretty evergreen climber that I wouldn’t expect to be flowering until after the snowdrops have started. It’s happily spread across the honeysuckle and ivy then in the opposite direction up the Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’; this is great because when the flowers are above head height they can be seen better.

Another surprise was my Cyclamen hedrifolium; these haven’t naturalised as readily as Cyclamen coum; I decided to have a little look at the base of the plants and to my delight were lots of little babies, some with a single tiny leaf, others just sprouting from the seeds. I’ve collected them up and placed them in a bare spot where I had mulched with some compost a few weeks earlier, hopefully next autumn I shall see some survivors.

A pleasant little surprise from the garden centre was to find a few dormant spring flowering plants left over from early this year sprouting, so I’ve bought a new companion called Ficaria verna ‘Brazen Hussy’, a pretty little lesser celandine that grows close to the ground with shiny dark bronze-purple foliage followed by bright golden yellow flowers; it should fit very nicely in the woodland/wildlife garden alongside the path.