Recycling for Plant Lovers

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Recycling for Plant Lovers

     I am sure most of us are more than aware these days of doing our bit to cut down on waste by re-using as much as we can that would normally be destined for the bin.  If you are a grower I have no doubt that many a plastic take- away container has been re-used for sowing seeds in or simply as a container for keeping labels and pencils in.  Then there is the yogurt pot. Where would us growers be without them?   Punch some holes in the base and you have got yourself a never-ending supply of starter pots (assuming you eat as many yogurts as I do that is!).

     Now, from an indoor growers point of view we have the  plastic pop bottle.  Slice the base off one of these and you have got yourself a saucer.  Tape the cut edges if they are a little sharp.  The rest of the bottle, turned upside down,  will come in handy as a pot waterer.  You can buy various styles of nozzle to fit the ends of bottles these days even to provide a drip water supply to your plants when you go on holiday.  These are great for the summer months for your tubs and baskets outside too.  On the same principle as the yogurt pot the bottom of a pop bottle, cut to whatever length you require, will make a useful pot.  Pierce the base for drainage, plant it up and once it is placed inside a decorative pot cover, who’s to know what the pot looks like?

     Finally, why not keep the plastic lids off coffee jars as they make excellent small plant saucers. I have a very nice collection, from a certain brand with dark brown lids, that actually look rather attractive.

     I knew I had a valid reason for drinking all that coffee in a morning!