Pretty Japanese Anemones!

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Pretty Japanese Anemones!

Its amazing how a little bit of rain makes digging and weeding about in the garden so much easier. Over the years I’ve dug in an assortment of composts from various sources as well lots of worms from my compost bin. Its amazing how good my soil has become but still always looks cracked, dry and harder to work in summer unless its rained or has been watered.

The dampened soil gives me an good opportunity for a some weeding and putting in a few new plants that I’ve recently purchased.

I have a few spaces that could do with a little injection of late summer colour just to freshen it up so I’ve treated myself to the new Anemone ‘Wild Swan’. I first saw it on television as the Plant of the Year award winner at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2011.

The area they’re going in was dug well earlier this year with plenty of new compost added to it, like all Japanese anemones they need fertile moist, but well-drained soils and won’t like drying out. I will add a some more compost from my bin before planting.

‘Wild Swan’ isn’t as vigorous as other Japanese anemones and grows to a height and spread of about sixteen inches. It has a wonderfully long flowering period of May to the first frosts and bears beautiful showy white flowers with a golden yellow ring of stamens in the centre. What makes the flowers so unusual is that they have lilac-blue bands at the back of the petals. A real stunner!

Japanese anemones are winter hardy herbaceous perennials with attractively dark green cut foliage that bear white and varying shades of pink flowers depending on the variety for a sunny or partially shaded site. They’re vigorous growers so can be invasive and don’t like being moved so its important to plant them thoughtfully, back of a herbaceous border or an area where they will be able to spread. After a few years they can be divided or be propagated by taking root cuttings.