Preparing Indoor Plants for the cooler weather

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Preparing Indoor Plants for the cooler weather

     Are we having summer at last?  Just when I had decided that my summer clothes would be heading for their winter quarters, out comes the sun.  Long may it last, but by the time you read this anything could have happened!

     I am in the process of preparing my conservatory for the return of all the plants that went outside for a summer break.  Although the temperatures are rising quite nicely during the day, like me you will probably have felt that  chill in the air first thing in the morning and I don’t want to risk spoiling plants that are looking really refreshed.

     Some potted variegated geraniums I have kept for a few years spent the summer in a shady spot.  Although geraniums will stand sunny positions I am glad I left them in the shade as the red markings in the foliage have turned a really deep shade which contrasts brilliantly with the lime green colour of the rest of the leaf.

     Also from the shady area I have cleaned up and brought back indoors some large Maidenhair ferns.  One of them, which I thought I had lost, was cut right back in spring before it went outside and it is now a picture of beautiful lime green fronds.  Always worth giving plants a chance I think.

     Last year I bought a Clivia (Kaffir Lily) which had three seperate spells of flowering over winter and spring.  It went outside for the summer and I am delighted to see that it has a new bud forming.  It blooms over  a very long period in my cool conservatory.

     My indoor azalea is now back in the conservatory and it is also showing bud  so I am looking forward to a grand display of colour in the coming weeks.