Preparing for winter

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Preparing for winter

I know we are only just greeting autumn but I have been busy over the weekend preparing my un-heated conservatory plant display to give some colour over the next few weeks and  into winter.

My streptocarpus have all had a thorough check over and been taken out of the conservatory until next summer. They are now spread throughout the house on windowsills ( I can just about see out of the windows!).

Most of my “Hot water plants” (Achimenes) are now starting to die down for their rest period so I have clipped the remaining foliage back to pot level.  The pots have gone onto a shelf out of the way and will remain there without water until late spring or when I see signs of life again.  A couple of the larger pots are still producing bud so I will enjoy the blooms from these for a few more weeks before cutting back.

As some plants are finishing their displays there are others waiting in the wings to take their place.  My cyclamen corms are showing great promise again this year with lovely lush foliage and loads of flower buds starting to emerge.  I have placed these on a shelf next to the glass now so that they receive the maximum amount of light.

My Indian azalea is just starting to show buds as well so it has joined the winter display team.

The brugmansia which spent the summer out on the patio was brought inside a couple of weeks ago and the perfume from the huge flowers is absolutely gorgeous.

The final touch to my latest colour explosion is the addition of potted-up Thalia fuchsias which I have just dug up out of the garden before they get frosted. They are still bursting with flower and I have got to say that the conservatory now looks rather  spendid.