Preparing for Next Season!

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Preparing for Next Season!

Walking around the garden I’m very happy to see that there is still lots of colour and plenty of interest to keep it looking good right through to the end of summer and into autumn and winter. but like all gardeners planning ahead is the key to keep that interest going and ever changing so other plants and flowers will follow from one season to the next. My own goal is that interest goes full circle with no beginning or end with a few changes and variations as time goes by.

The Cyclamen hedrifolium have begun flowering again in several places about the garden and seeing them has me thinking about other bulbs that I’ve planted and there whereabouts. My first attempts at growing late flowering cyclamen were unsuccessful, but with a little more soil preparation they’re thriving and gradually spreading.

I’ve been clearing patches where I know my autumn flowering colchicums and crocuses lay in wait to show off. It won’t be long!

Now is time to plan what bulbs you want to plant because they are dormant and its the cheapest way to buy them. Once planted if they are ‘happy’ where you have put them you should enjoy them for years to come giving a better show each year.

There are plenty of ideas and inspiration for some lovely colourful autumn/winter flowering hanging baskets and containers at the garden centre. We use hardy alpines, perennials, herbs and bedding plants that have been chosen for their evergreen foliage, colours, shapes, scent and flowers. Adding bulbs to your containers like dwarf daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, dwarf tulips or snowdrops will give an extra splash of colour and interest, giving the hint that spring is on its way.

You don’t need to just stick with small plants either if you have a good sized container why not plant a larger seasonal shrub in it like a cornus with colourful winter stems, sarcococca with those amazing tiny fragrant flowers, a small pernyetta shrub with colourful berries, or skimmia with scented flowers and then plant around it. This will give the container more height giving it a greater presence and can be planted to suit a shady spot too.