Plenty To Do and Enjoy!

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Plenty To Do and Enjoy!

As gardeners we know that autumn and winter is not a time for the garden to go to bed, not only are there garden related tasks during autumn and winter to get on with, but also many plants display their flowers and fruits too giving us something to see, smell and enjoy too, while others are just poking their noses out the ground testing the season as to whether they should progress or be halted with a good hard frost.

Depending how you garden will determine how much you do! Raking up fallen leaves and storing them for a year to make leaf mould makes a free soil conditioner. Even though I’m short on room I will try to save some, as well as leaving some to naturally break down bringing the worms to the surface which give the birds an added opportunity.

The soil should be easier to dig or weed unless it’s unworked heavy clay soil. It’s hard work at first but can be improved with the addition of soil conditioners or dug over allowing the winter weather to help break it down.

The bare-root and rootball season has begun making a huge selection of trees, hedging, roses, soft fruit, conifers and specimen shrubs available. As long as the ground isn’t frozen these can be planted, watered in to continue there dormancy until spring. Don’t forget to stake and secure plants that need it to stop them rocking in windy weather.

With it being milder I’ve left a few jobs later than usual and have been digging up self-sets to move or pot on, especially pulmonarias, brunneras and primroses. They self seed well, but I don’t let them take over, some get planted in different places others find new homes.

Its a good time to check plant supports such as trellis ensuring it’s sturdy enough for next year and make any repairs necessary.

Bird boxes ought be cleaned out by now, some birds use them to sleep in during the winter too and its a good opportunity to see if there’s room to put up a new one!