Planting for Early Next Year!

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Planting for Early Next Year!

Only the deep pink/purple coloured Cyclamen hedrifolium are still blooming in the woodland garden apart from a solitary white flowering one that has sneakily appeared under my seat and its little flowers seem to be stretching their necks out to catch a glimpse of the sun.

The Cyclamen coum are leafing up and are dotted about the garden; so pleased that I’ve moved seedlings into other areas so that they’ve naturalised looking better every year.

Every late summer/autumn over the last few years I’ve added bulbs, particularly in the woodland garden because in winter it’s generally sunny and sheltered too.

I’ve continued to clear an area that was previously gravelled which used to be my ornamental/architectural area with palms and bamboos that led up to the woodland garden. This part of the garden is totally transformed with shrubs, perennials and a few trees of which the Sorbus aucuparia ‘Autumn Spire’ looks stunning and has large clusters of golden berries now.

This is the area that I’ve decided to plant more bulbs with most of them being near the small path towards the stepping stones leading up to the arch that I made.

I’ve some miniature daffodils ‘Tête-à-tête’, ‘February Gold’ and ‘Jetfire’, also some Iris reticulata cultivars, a mixed bunch including ‘Natasha’, ‘Spot On’ and ‘Scent-Sational’.

I’ve been adding Iris reticulatas for a few years and they seem to be doing okay so the little path that leads to the woodland seems to be the perfect spot for them and with a little extra drainage they should do well there; its a sunny dry place in summer, catching the sun in winter too.

Most of my other irises are blue or purple forms so Natasha makes a pleasant change bearing pretty almost white fragrant flowers with a strong yellow mark on the fall.

The daffodils will be planted a little further back amongst the perennials; they’ll need some extra organic matter adding to the soil and a little sand to sit on to aid drainage.

I’m using photographs to guide me so that I don’t dig up any dormant plants. Its all good fun giving me so much more to look forward to and enjoy next year.