Orchid Potting

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Orchid Potting

I am going to give a few pointers this week on re-potting your orchids.  I am frequently asked about this at the garden centre and I hope these tips will help you.

Firstly, decide if your orchid needs re-potting.  This may sound a bit obvious but orchids in general like to be kept pot bound and if your plant is still quite stable leave it a little bit longer.  When you are constantly standing it back up again, consider potting on.

You will need a pot one size larger than the previous one and some orchid potting medium.

Remove the orchid from its old pot and wash the roots to remove the old growing medium.  Cut away any rotten or unhealthy roots.  Don’t worry if there doesn’t seem to be much root left, your orchid will soon produce some more. Remove any yellowing leaves and old flower spikes.

Place a little orchid medium in the base of the pot and sit the orchid in the pot.  Gradually work some more of the medium around the roots shaking the pot gently so that it works its way around the roots and finish off by firming the medium gently with your fingertips. Water the pot well, allow it to drain thoroughly and then return the orchid to its usual home.

Always buy orchid medium and not ordinary potting compost for this job.  Several types of bark are available but personally I find the Chopped Coco Husk very reliable.  It is light and easy to handle with excellent watering holding capacity.  It also has a high lignin content, lignin being one of nature’s fungicides.  Don’t confuse this product with the one sold for garden use, this generally hasn’t been treated to remove harmful salts and dust.