ORCHID PLUG PLANTS “Grow your own” orchids

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ORCHID PLUG PLANTS “Grow your own” orchids

     “Grow your own” orchids, how does that sound to all you plant lovers out there?

If watching plants grow, rather than buying a more mature plant, is your thing then this could be just up your street.

      I have managed to obtain some orchids as plug plants  which means they are in bare-root form (i.e. not potted) to enable you to pot them up and watch them grow on to flowering stage.  Two types are available at the moment, Miltoniopsis (“Pansy Orchids) and Cymbidiums.

     The first thing to do with the plug plant is remove as much of the moss from around the roots  as you can.  Place a little orchid- growing media in the base of a pot ( a 9cm or 10cm size is ideal) and sit the plug on top, working more media around the roots.  Keep shaking and tapping the pot on the table to allow the media to work  between the roots, just firming it down enough to support the plant.  Water it thoroughly and place the pot in a bright spot, away from strong summer sun, then leave until the growing media is completely dry before watering again.

     Orchid plug plants will usually reach flowering stage within 1 to 2 years depending on variety but you may see flowering spikes appear before that.  Now there two options here; either enjoy this flower display if you wish or remove the flowering spike completely in these early stages of growth to allow a stronger plant to develop more quickly.  I will leave that decision to yourselves!

     To encourage healthy growth add an orchid fertiliser every 3rd or 4th  time that you water.   Your plug plant should be quite happy in it’s pot for at least a year so all that remains for you to do is sit back and enjoy watching it grow.