No More Winter Blues!

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No More Winter Blues!

A couple of weeks ago I saw the first few noses of my elwesii snowdrops and other bulbs peeking through the soil, not wanting things too early I felt a little panic and it had me thinking that it’s time we had a frost to slow things down. Now that the cold weather has come and I had to break my water butt’s first icy topping on Sunday morning I quickly changed my mind thinking that its time we warmed up a little.

Do you get those winter blues, or ‘SAD’? I know that feeling, but over time my gardening passion has grown and filling the garden with various plants giving autumn or winter interest with flowers, fragrance, interesting foliage or berries has changed my attitude towards this approaching winter.

Early autumn gave my front border a ‘make over’ filling it with perennials, primroses and dwarf daffodils. I’ve recently filled the gaps with pink forget-me-nots adding more interest for spring; they should self-seed for years too.

The climbing Rose ‘Iceberg’ was centre stage at the front wall during summer, instead Jasminum nudiflorum, the Winter Jasmine has taken over and is crowded with bright sunny yellow flowers.

Clematis orientalis ‘Bill Mackenzie’ was planted in mid-summer, but has already grown to the top of a fence and across in different directions. Those uniform golden yellow nodding flowers have been replaced with big white fluffy seed heads. The evergreen Clematis cirrhosa var. purpurascens ‘Freckles’ entwined with a honeysuckle and a variegated called Ivy ‘Gloire De Marengo’ has been happily flowering along for a fortnight with plenty of flower buds still to open.

Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ still has green leaves, terminal clusters of pink buds of which some have already opened displaying sweetly scented white flowers flushed with pink. Only a few metres away is Sarcococca confusa, the Christmas Box looking very healthy, bearing juicy black berries a few red too, with lots of tiny white flower buds along its stems; these two strongly fragrant shrubs will make the garden smell wonderful for the weeks ahead and when they finish it won’t be long before an ever increasing ground cover of fragrant snowdrops appear.