New Year Plant Check

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New Year Plant Check

I do like it when we pass the shortest day and the hours of daylight start to increase. With that thought in mind I was having an indoor plant check recently and was delighted to see how quickly some of my plants are already sending up new growths.

that I bought in flower around Christmastime in 2015 has performed splendidly throughout this last year producing three more lots of flowering stems. After its first bout of blooming I potted it on into the next size pot and already it has developed lots of off-shoots and I was pleased to see yet another flower bud developing. With the occasional feed and a spell outdoors in the summer, that should keep it happy for another year. A bit of a disappointment this winter has been with the hyacinth bulbs I potted up last September. I checked them just before Christmas in their dark spot in the shed and all was well, with tiny shoots developing nicely. Imagine my horror when I went into the shed, with the intention of bringing them out into the conservatory to flower, only to find all the pots knocked over and, apart from in one pot, no sign of the bulbs at all. I did however discover a hole in the side of the shed which leads me to believe we had a visit from a four-legged hairy creature which obviously thought it had found a home for the winter with food laid on!. I have now purchased a few hyacinths to add the colour and perfume to the conservatory that was the intended purpose in the first place.

All my cyclamen are doing well in the cool conservatory, they just needed their usual care removing dead flower stems and leaves. The same with the azaleas, my pink and white bi-coloured one is at its best now.

Indoors, the streptocarpus are looking particularly well. New growths are shooting up in all of them and all I have done for now is remove some of the outer older leaves. I will check them for potting-on in March or April.