MOTH ORCHIDS Problem solving

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MOTH ORCHIDS Problem solving

I am going to deal with the most commonly asked questions about Moth orchids this week.  These are the most widely grown of all the indoor types and the ones I receive the most enquiries about.

Q.  When should I water my orchid?

A. Only when it is completely dry then soak thoroughly, drain well and leave it                      until it completely dries out again.

Q.  How often should I feed?

A. About every third or fourth time that you soak your plant, add some orchid fertiliser to the water.

Q. What do I do with all the roots coming out of the pot?

A. This is natural as the roots like to be out in the light.  In their natural environment the roots are exposed to the air.  Keeping your plants in clear pots will help.

Q.  My buds are dropping off, what am I doing wrong?

A.  Probably nothing.  During long periods of low light conditions your orchid will abort its buds and conserve its energy for plant growth.  When light levels increase it will start to re-flower.  Place in good natural light indoors.

Q.  Why are  there leaves growing on my flowering stem?

A.  This is a keiki, a plantlet which can be cut off when it has produced a few roots and potted up into orchid compost.

Q.  My orchid is in a very small pot, should I put it in a larger one?

A.  If it will stand up in its pot leave it alone. Move into the next size pot only when the plant becomes top-heavy.

Q.  Where do I cut the flower stem off?

A.  Leave it alone if it is still green, this will give the plant chance to re-flower on the same stem. Cut off anything that has gone brown.

I hope you have found this little Q&A session helpful.