More Perennials for that Sunny Bed!

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More Perennials for that Sunny Bed!

Although I don’t have many tall perennials I do have some perennials that need a little staking or support, like irises and asters.

When I see a flower stem coming up from between the leaves of an Iris germanica hybrid I push a thin metal stake into the ground then fasten it with a little twine in a figure of eight to the flower stem. I recycled the stakes from an old clothes-airer that was falling apart, perfect for the job, strong and re-useable.

I love Iris germanica hybrids because they are the statement plants, attention seekers, as are lupins, delphiniums, agapanthus, red-hot pokers, daylilies and many others. They stand out and strategically planted they’re display can be supported by others that will keep the colour show going from late spring to autumn.

If you cut your lupin flower stems down when they’ve bloomed you will get another flower, but not as showy. You can also save the seeds from the last flower to grow for next season, but you won’t know what colour they will be until they flower.

The delphiniums flower stems can be cut down too by about a half and just like the lupins a second flush of flowers may come, but not as showy as the first, but every bit of colour counts with me.

Perennial geraniums are fantastic because they make great space fillers, varying in growth habits, foliage shapes, colourful flower power and planting situations.

Geranium ‘Orion’ has lovely clear blue flowers, a chunky clump forming perennial that will flower from early summer onwards and you can cut it down after flowering like many of the larger perennial geraniums. and it will most likely flower again for a while.

A lovely low mound forming geranium is G. sanguineum ‘Alan Bloom’ this one has lots of small pretty pink flowers from early summer, it stays nice and low making it great for the front edge of the bed, near a path or even in a rockery. Both will grow in fertile well-drained soils in sun or part shade just like many other geraniums.