MINIATURE ROSE Indoor cultivation of miniature roses

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MINIATURE ROSE Indoor cultivation of miniature roses

     Although more associated with the garden, miniature roses are also available as indoor flowering pot plants. There are two different ways of approaching cultivation with miniature roses indoors.  Firstly, you can treat them as a one-off indoor display then transfer them into the garden in a permanent position. Alternatively, bury the pot in the garden so that you can lift it and bring the rose back indoors for another display next spring.

     Firstly, with regard to a one-off display, choose a cool light windowsill to display your rose.  Keep the compost moist without allowing the pot to stand in water. Roses are very difficult to revive if they get too dry. Deadhead regularly and you should have a lovely display of blooms and perhaps scent too for several weeks or even months if conditions are cool and airy enough.  After flowering your rose can be planted out in the garden.  It will then revert back to its normal habit, which although still miniature, will be a little taller than the original plant.  Plants that are destined to come back indoors again are best re-potted before the pots are buried out in the garden.

     If you are bringing your plant back indoors again do this after Christmas.   Trim the stems back by about half and remove any dead or misshapen growths. Place the pot back in a cool light spot.  New growth will soon appear followed by fresh flower buds.

     Check plants regularly for pests as greenfly in particular love roses.  Spray with a suitable insecticide at the first sign of attack.