Meet Tony – Our new Plant Buyer!

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Meet Tony – Our new Plant Buyer!

With over 22 years as a professional Horticulturalist and a lifetime spent messing about in gardens, Tony will be able to answer most customer questions immediately but has a huge library of information resources for the more complex problems.

Well known throughout the Horticultural world, Tony has built up a long list of contacts in the industry and can use these to help source plants from all over the UK and Europe.

Tonys previous roles have included department management in Garden Centres and Retail Nurseries as well as a period running his own nursery specialising in bedding and climber production along with a small range of shrubs and herbaceous plants.

One of Tonys’ most appreciated characteristics is his ability to demystify horticulture and make explanations simple and easy to understand, even for people with no gardening knowledge.

Outside of Horticulture Tony has a long list of interests, he is an accomplished amateur stage actor and has also sung and danced on stage and played the lead role in a radio play which was broadcast on the BBC.

Tony and his wife are occasionally to be found on the dance floor Waltzing, Cha Cha Cha-ing and Rumba-ing and making a mess of the Quickstep.