Making Ready For Spring!

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Making Ready For Spring!

As winter ends its time to tidy up ready for spring, I have to be very careful though as bulbs are continually coming up and flowering. As usual there are always branches and twigs to clear away from the poplars. A good weeding session or two is needed, but once the perennials start filling out and knitting together they will help control the weeds making it easier during the year.

My oldest Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ has the appearance of a multi stemmed tree, but I cut one stem down to allow room for my shed and new growth is sprouting up from below that I don’t want, so its out with the pruners.

Some spring flowering plants need moving, the pulmonarias have pretty blue and pink flowers, the early bees love them, but the self sets are in the wrong place as well as the baby foxgloves and common primroses, the latter are getting in the way of the new shoots of the perennial bleeding hearts.

‘Berry Exciting’ is a corydalis that I planted last year, a lovely low growing hardy perennial with pretty golden lacy foliage followed by fragrant purple funnel-like flowers, a perfect companion for my woodland style planting.

There are a some new plants too that have been waiting for homes, as the bulbs come up I can see where each one will go. There’s always room!

I’ve cut the foliage away from my epimediums and already little yellow spidery-like flowers on arching wiry stems are emerging.

The hellebores are still looking pretty but as the flowers age I prefer to remove them to save weeding seedlings out later.

Erythronium ‘Pagoda’ is poking through the soil too, also known as dogtooth violet this one is easy to grow. It has glossy deep green leaves that are mottled bronze followed by pointy lily-like yellow flowers on upright stems, the flowers set seed and the whole plant dies down to dormancy in Summer. Its important to feed the plant whilst in leaf, because that’s when it bulks up and forms its flowers for the following spring. Just like the snowdrops its ideal to plant near deciduous trees and shrubs.