Jasmine Polyanthum – Pink jasmine

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Jasmine Polyanthum – Pink jasmine

     For lovers of fragrant indoor plants, Jasmine has to come fairly high up on the list of favourites. In the case of Jasminum polyanthum the common name of “pink jasmine” actually refers to the buds,  which open up as pure white flowers.

     Jasmine is a natural climbing plant and is generally purchased as a small plant in a 10cm or 12cm size pot and trained around a wire hoop or similar framework.  The flowers themselves are arranged in clusters and when in full bloom a plant will look and smell very attractive.   If you purchase a larger specimen they can be covered with hundreds of flower clusters.  

     Jasmines require a brightly lit position with some sunlight but don’t allow them to stand in strong direct summer sun.  They will thrive best in a cool spot during  autumn and through to spring with a spell outdoors being beneficial in the summer. 

     Because jasmines are natural climbers they will need to be pruned back after flowering in order to keep their growth in check. This will enable you to continue growing them as windowsill plants for a few years.   They can be potted-on into larger pots each spring if you want to train a nice big specimen. In this case just trim back the old flowering stems and keep training the growths around a  framework of your choice.  Be very careful when training the new growths as they are very soft and will easily snap off.

     A must with jasmines is to keep the compost moist at all times.  You will soon have a very sad looking specimen on your hands if the plant dries out and jasmines don’t recover very easily from this state.  Also mist-spray the foliage regularly.