Its All Happening Now!

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Its All Happening Now!

It’s Sunday morning before you read this and I’ve had my little walk around the garden it was a bit nippy out there. I was happy to see that one of the spring flowering clematis isn’t just growing up the Photinia ‘Red Robin’, but across the honeysuckle too and with lots of blue fat flower buds it’s going to be a wonderful sight especially with the flowers contrasting so beautifully with the juvenile foliage of that honeysuckle.

Early September last year I planted Allium hollandicum ‘Purple Sensation’ bulbs on the opposite border to where I have already have some. They’re coming up now, their leaves always stand out as they emerge with burgundy tips that fades away as the leaves grow. It won’t be long now as some already have long stems with a tight flower bud.

I love the way the perfectly formed spheres of purple flowers appear to float around the rest of the plants and even when they’ve gone to seed their interest continues into September.

Alliums are such an interesting plant and just like so many flowers that come from bulbs they are drama queens, keeping a low profile at first steadily coming up around the other emerging plants followed by a dramatic colourful display.

Bees and butterflies love them too and I remember seeing a display at a flower show whereby they just looked like bee balls because they’d attracted so many honey bees.

Purple Sensation stands about three feet tall and there are many shorter alliums with bigger or smaller flower spheres to suit any flower border and containers. They will look good planted in groups too or like mine dotted about in sunny borders.

 Another plant I always find very interesting is Dicentra, also known as bleeding hearts. This beautiful perennial comes in many forms from close to the ground Dicentra formosa ‘Bacchanal’ with little red heart shaped flowers dangling from arching stems above soft delicately cut green foliage to the taller varieties like Dicentra spectablis with its larger heart shaped flowers of pink with white, look at them upside down and they look like rows of little ladies with full pink dresses.

My favourite is Gold Heart, with its beautiful golden cut foliage which contrasts beautifully with the foliage of other perennials in my little woodland/wildlife garden.

Did you know that Dicentra has a new name? I found the word dicentra rolls off the tongue, but its newer name of Lamprocapnos doesn’t quite do the same…..or does it?