IMPATIENS “New guinea hybrids”

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IMPATIENS “New guinea hybrids”

     When it comes to splashes of instant colour then you won’t go far wrong with the New Guinea Impatiens hybrids.  Probably more familiar under the common name of Busy Lizzie, these stunning summer flowering plants are perfect for home or garden use.   Not to be confused with the Impatiens Wallerana varieties, which are more commonly used in summer bedding schemes, these hybrids have colourful leaf patterns and large saucer-shaped flowers.  There is a wide range of colours to choose from including some bi-colour types.

    For use in the house place your New guinea Busy Lizzies in a bright or semi-shaded spot.  South facing aspects are fine if you can provide some shade when the sun is at its strongest in summer.  If placed in a south-facing conservatory the ideal plan would be to group other sun-loving plants around your Busy Lizzies to provide natural shading and a pleasing display.

     These Busy Lizzies also make good candidates for tub displays.  I think they look particularly  stunning when planted in  terracotta pots.

     Keep these  Busy Lizzies moist, they are very thirsty creatures. If your plants have drooped because of dryness, stand them in a saucer of water and watch them transform as they take in the moisture. Remove from the saucer as soon as they revive.   It amazes me sometimes how a plant that looks as if it is beyond hope can look as good as new after half an hour in a tray of water.   Never leave them permanently stood in water.

     Dead-heading needs to be done on a regular basis to extend the flowering period which can continue right into the autumn if we get nice bright days.  Remove the flower heads with the stalks to unsure the plant does not form any seed heads.

     Why not give these little beauties a go this year, I think you will be impressed with the results.