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Houseplant Department News

This morning I have had a full session on houseplant cleaning, a job a really enjoy and even more so when the results are so dramatic. I cannot believe the amount of dust that is floating in through the open vents at the moment. So with the aid of my trusty duster, a damp cloth and some leaf shine I am very happy with the results. 

With regards to best sellers this month I think the winners are the cacti and succulents. These plants are popular all year round but seem to be gaining more and more fans. Children in particular are interested in this group of plants, probably due to their weird and wonderful appearance in many cases. Other favorites with children and adults alike are the carnivorous plants, again most likely because of their appearance and strange insect-attracting habits. We try to keep a good range of cacti and carnivorous plants in stock all year round so there is always something to choose from. 

The Aloe Vera plants are very popular and there are now some smaller ones in stock if you prefer to grow your own plants on. Remember that Aloe Vera is commonly called the “medicine plant” due to its healing properties.  The sap can be applied to cuts, burns and stings. Aloe Vera is also used in many cosmetic products and as a health drink. I have just started taking Aloe in drink form myself so will come back to you with an update on progress when I have been taking it for a while.

The citrus plants are looking good with some ripe and semi-ripe fruits on most of them. 

We still have a good range of bonsai plants in stock.  Some of you have been asking for the bonsai dishes and saucers and I am hoping to have some in stock within the next few weeks.

Now it’s back to my dusting. Till next time, enjoy your plants.