Floriferous Sunny Shrubs!

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Floriferous Sunny Shrubs!

Outside in the garden is a lovely Jasminum nudiflorum hanging on to its last few bright yellow flowers with just a few more buds to come; as those flowers fade away and the leaves begin to emerge it reminds me of another genus of shrub getting ready to perform; it too will have the most floriferous display of bright yellow flowers from its bare woody stems.

The forsythia shrub is sure to brighten up any garden as well as lifting your spirit and senses from early spring.

The wonderful thing about the forsythia is that there really is one to suit most gardens and is a very easy plant to grow. They all suit most well-drained soils in full or part sun and most of them should be pruned hard when they’ve finished flowering so that the growth after pruning will be the wood that will produce the flowers the following year.

A lovely new variety for our garden centre this spring will be Forsythia x intermedia ‘Nimbus’; it’s a small compact upright form that flowers from March to April and will only grow to about two and a half feet making this variety just perfect for that small border you’re trying to fill, possibly under a window, it’s ideal for a container too; or could be grown to create an attractive low colourful bushy hedge by planting a row of them, which of course you could do with other forsythias if you wanted a bigger hedge or screen.

Forsythia x intermedia ‘Mini Gold’ is another dwarf shrub that will grow a little taller than ‘Nimbus’ with a slightly greater spread. Its flowers are slightly fragrant and are followed by attractive green leaves with deep yellow veins giving it that extra visual interest once the flowers have gone.

It’s always good to see something a little different and Forsythia ‘Goldrush’ is just that, it grows to about six feet with a similar spread, produces larger golden yellow flowers just a little later than most of the others but flowers on new wood which means that it will flower early as a young plant too.

So if you are looking for a spring flowering ‘eye catcher’ you certainly can’t go wrong with a forsythia, and there are others to find with fantastic garden qualities too.