Finishing off those last little projects!

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Finishing off those last little projects!

Time is running out now that I can only garden on my days off. I still have two garden projects I’d like to complete before the winter. The first priority is to clear the last area of gravelled ground where my palms used to be, a constant reminder of what I lost during the cold winter of 2010.

I was unable to progress with this task during the hot summer because the ground was too solid and needed a pick axe rather than a spade and fork, but lately I’ve managed to dig over a few more square yards of it and put in some plants that I’ve been collecting.

Last Wednesday I completed the area under my duo plum tree by under planting it with several varieties of dwarf daffodil bulbs, snow drops and saffron crocuses. It was hard work because not only did I riddle the gravel so that it could be recycled later, dug in several bags of multi-purpose compost, but most of this was done in a squatting position which left me aching for a couple days.

Looking at it now it was worth the pain and later today I shall be attacking another patch, fortunately for me not under tree branches. To save time I’ll skim the surface to remove the gravel, bag it up and riddle it later. The ground is always very dry there because it’s right under the poplar trees so I’ve just bought several bags of compost to dig in and will be planting a mixture of young plants that will be hellebore, pulmonaria, brunnera and cyclamen coum seedlings as well as other plants that I’ve produced from division such as epimediums, hostas and geraniums.

The second project is to finish laying some steps that will lead from the stone circle towards my woodland/wildlife garden. These will stop and be followed on by an occasional stepping stone that will lead into the wildlife garden. This part of the garden won’t be clearly seen as time goes by because I’ve planted a variety of small deciduous trees and shrubs to obscure the view.