Fill that gap

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Fill that gap

     A very Happy New Year to you all.  I must admit it does not seem 5 minutes since I was wishing you a Happy Christmas. Is it just me or does time go faster as you get older?

     Now that the festivities are coming to an end for another year and all the decorations are packed away I must admit the house starts to look rather bare.  I generally have a plant-moving session at this time of the year to try and put some life back into the empty spaces. It is also not unusual for me to make a few additions to my plant collection in January, just to brighten things up a bit.   I am a firm believer in the theory that plants enhance well-being and they certainly soften the hard lines of bare walls etc.  A tall wooden pedestal that stands next to my computer desk, that played host to a small fibre-optic tree last Christmas, now proudly houses a large dark green Draceana which I had a sudden urge to purchase last January!  It overhangs one corner of the desk and just makes the corner a pleasant area to work at.

     The removal of the Christmas tree will perhaps create the biggest empty space and generally the lack of greenery is very noticeable.  This could be a good chance to fill  that space with a more permanent plant which will create that mood-enhancing atmosphere.  Take into consideration the temperature of the room and the aspect so that the right choice can be made and you don’t end up with a sun-loving plant in a shady corner.  Palms generally do well in most homes and the arching fronds create an instant softening effect.  Why not create a group of perhaps 3 plants of different heights and textures for a really eye-catching display.  Grouping plants in this way not only looks pleasing but is beneficial to the plants as well.

     So don’t be depressed when the decorations come down, rather look on it as a New Year challenge and add some life to those empty spaces.