Colouring Up for The Seasons Ahead!

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Colouring Up for The Seasons Ahead!

Traditionally autumn is the start of the planting season of shrubs, conifers, hedges, trees, perennials and biennials. The weather is cooling down, the damper conditions make it easier to dig and plant knowing that whatever goes in the ground will have time to settle in, go dormant for winter, then burst into life when it becomes warmer in spring.

If your garden is lacking interest or has bare patches that could do with some instant colour there’s nothing better than filling them with some cheerful seasonal plants like pansies, violas, primulas, polyanthus or wallflowers. Seasonal shrubs like the winter jasmine with its bright yellow flowers; those colourful stems of the dogwoods that stand out so beautifully in winter and look even better with snow on the ground; or the extra sweet scent of sarcoccoca, the Christmas Box wafting across the garden; all add interest and colour to the garden enticing you in to admire.

Your summer hanging baskets and containers can be replaced with a selection of autumn-winter plants to continue the season and look even better during spring, after all if you are looking at them from your windows it would be very dull without something to enjoy until you fill them up next year with summer plants again.

Adding winter and spring flowering bulbs is a simple way to colour up; bulbs like snowdrops, daffodils, crocuses, dutch irises and tulips will give that extra interest to your containers and borders.

Every year I plant more bulbs in my garden, this year I’ve planted some Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ in the border opposite that already has some in; next year in early summer I’ll see those bulbs come up looking like purple lollypops dotted about between the perennials. I just love them!

I’ve also planted more crocuses. They look great flowering around the same time as the Cyclamen coum, the deep purple crocus flowers contrast beautifully with the pastel pink of the cyclamen; they also give bursts of different colours between my snowdrop groups.

Very soon your opportunity for planting bulbs will be gone for autumn, but there will be another chance early next year when they will be available already potted up.