Colourful Bedding Displays

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Colourful Bedding Displays

The weekend before last I went on a trip to London that gave me Saturday afternoon in Hyde Park followed by a day at The Hampton Court Flower Show.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to see in the park, but I soon found beautiful flower displays and mature specimen trees.

I followed a path and came to a corner of a fenced garden. A large stone bird bath with a figure of a mermaid holding a fish caught my attention first, next the flower display that it stood in. The outside row showed a variegated foliage plant called Ipomoea batatas ‘Tricolor’, the next was Begonia tenella. The bird bath just sat at the back of that row and behind it was a row of Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ and various other pink salvias surrounding pink flowering cosmos, with Verbena bonariensis planted among them to give a little extra height.

After walking on and checking out the planting that followed which was an odd mix of shrubs and various groups of perennials I went through a gate and into a garden that had long dark but bright fiery flower beds deeply cut into the lawns planted up to compliment one another. Absolutely stunning!

The first I came to was a long thin, but curved border edged by a dark almost black foliage plant called Ipomoea batatas ‘Blackie’, in the centre was Begonia tenella with red flowers, but at one end was a strip of Lobelia ‘Victoria’ running through the begonias.

The other beds used the same dark ipomoeas and begonias, but the combination of plants for the centres were Lobelia ‘Victoria’, bright red flowering dahlias, Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ and other coloured salvias including an occasional dark blue, Pot Marigolds, Verbena bonariensis and in the largest of the beds an Australian Cabbage Palm, Cordyline australis.

After taking lots of pics I continued to walk on and find more mixed flower beds of just about anything like rose shrubs, box bushes, turkscap and day lilies, until I came to a wonderful specimen of Clerodendron trichotomum (Glorybower) in flower which stopped me in my tracks. The show was good too!