Clivia Miniata Kaffir Lily

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Clivia Miniata Kaffir Lily

Clivia Miniata (Kaffir Lily) is naturally a spring flowering indoor plant with strap-shaped dark green glossy leaves.  The tall flower stalk emerges from the centre and produces a ball of orange flowers.  I am mentioning this plant now as you will find them on sale for Christmas in bud.  Occasionally a yellow flowered variety becomes available but you are more likely to find the orange ones on general sale.

Clivias are a good choice for the cool conditions of bright porches and un-heated conservatories.  If left in a heated room over winter, Clivias will fail to produce blooms the following spring and the growth will become weak and straggly.

If bought in bud at this time of year, water your Clivia moderately and then let it revert to it’s natural habit the following spring.  This means continuing to water moderately until autumn then cut the watering down to just enough to prevent the plant from wilting.  This provides the Clivia with the winter rest period it requires to re-flower.

Try not to be tempted to move your Clivia around too much, give it a home and leave it undisturbed.  Potting-on should also be kept to a minimum, the plant needs to be bursting out of it’s pot before being moved into a slightly larger one after flowering.

With age Clivias will develop off-shoots and these can be removed and potted up seperately at potting-on time if you wish.  However, speaking from experience, a mature plant with all it’s off-shoots in flower is quite a spectacular sight so I leave the decision with you as regards removing them or not.

My own plant was many years old and lived in my un-heated conservatoy quite happily until that exceptionally bad winter a couple of years ago (minus silly degrees centigrade!) when it succumbed one night.  Needless to say I was devastated.

P.S. I have just bought another one!