Clematis For Colour!

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Clematis For Colour!

Are you itching for the season to move on so that you can get started in your garden? I know the feeling! I’m planning a project that will transform a small area that leads to my little woodland/wildlife garden.

The shrubs are growing closer together and instead of brushing past them as I’d previously thought I’ve decided to create a small entrance to the far right with a small arch or trellised open doorway. I can’t start yet because of the two hedgehogs napping in the compost bin which will need relocating.

To cover the entrance I shall plant a couple of clematis and a honeysuckle. Nearby is a lovely clematis called ‘Tie Dye’, it has pretty rich purple-blue flowers with a lighter tie dye splash pattern through them, the pattern is uniform on all the flowers, and is very different from any clematis that I’ve ever seen. Belonging pruning group three it flowers through the summer in a partly shaded spot and should eventually reach about fourteen feet or so. Pruning is easy, I just cut it back hard in spring. I’m still deciding on a couple of early flowering clematis for that entrance to enjoy flowers for longer there, one will be red!

Not all clematis grow large some are suitable for patios like Clematis ‘Neva’ with light pink flowers, C. ‘Esme’ with pale blue flowers that are slightly ruffled at the edges and C. ‘Chantilly’ with beautiful white flowers, these belong the Boulevard Collection by Raymond Evison.

All grow to about four feet high, are compact and flower from late spring to the end of summer. For the best start they need a good sized container with a soil based compost like John Innes No 3, a couple of inches of gravel at the bottom to aid drainage and some slow release fertiliser. Don’t forget to stand the pot on feet or something to aid drainage too. Burying them a few inches deeper will encourage more shoots each year and supported by a suitable sized framed to allow for the overall size of the clematis should give you years of enjoyment.