Citrus Plants

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Citrus Plants

We have taken delivery of a nice collection of citrus plants just recently, so I thought now would be a good time to remind you about their general care.

The most popular by far are the lemon trees and these are probably the easiest to look after. They can be grown in a greenhouse or conservatory as they require a lot of light but throughout the summer the best place for them is out in the garden. Keep the compost well watered and feed with a summer citrus fertiliser from late spring into the autumn.  During winter keep your plants in a cool frost-free location and feed occasionally with a winter citrus feed.

The small Calamondin Orange Plants and kiwi fruit plants can be treated in the same way over the summer but will benefit from being a little warmer over winter. All citrus need good light throughout the winter months and this will help prevent too much leaf drop. 

How you train your plant is a matter of personal choice. You can purchase plants that are already trained into standards if you want the more classical tree shape or keep them bushy by pinching out the growing tips.  Whatever method you choose it is best to prune back the foliage by about one third in spring before active growth starts again.

With regards to the fruit, if you want to harvest some decent sized ones then thin them out when they are still quite small leaving one or two fruits to each cluster. This will allow the fruits to develop properly without crowding each other out and falling prematurely. 

Citrus plants can become susceptible to red spider mite if the air around them is too dry. To help prevent this mist-spray your plant regularly to increase humidity.