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There can’t be many plants more recognisable than the Chrysanthemum.  They are available in such a wide range with varieties grown for the indoor market and a huge selection for the specialist greenhouse and outdoor grower.  Today I am just going to look at the popular  flowering pot plant, commonly referred to as a “Pot Mum”.

Flowering pot plants are the group of indoor plants which are enjoyed for their floral display and then discarded or, as  is the case with “pot mums”, they can be planted out in the garden after flowering.  Given the right conditions your plants should last for 6-8 weeks indoors.

Indoor chrysanthemums are available in a large range of colours and flower types.   They are also available all year round.  This is possible because the growers are able to control the amount of light available to the plants, therefore inducing them into bloom at any given time.  They also treat the plants with chemicals to inhibit their growth which means we can purchase compact plants with lots of flower.  If you plant your indoor chrysanthemums outside after flowering just bear in mind that they will revert back to their natural growth habit and will therefore be much taller than the original plant.

Place your “pot mums” in good light without direct summer sun and keep the compost moist.  A cool spot is best otherwise the flowering display will be over quite quickly.

According to researchers at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), “pot mums” are one of the best flowering plants for removing some of our indoor air pollutants.  That must make them one of the “good guys” I think.