Christmas Plant Survival Tips

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Christmas Plant Survival Tips

Most of us enjoy the addition of some seasonal houseplants along with the traditional Christmas decorations and I hope these few tips will help you to keep them as bright and beautiful as the tinsel throughout the festive season and beyond.

The most popular indoor plant at this time of the year has to be the Poinsettia, generally a red variety as these look the most festive.  The colour actually comes from modified leaves, known as bracts, and the true flowers are nestled tightly within the centre of the bracts.  When you purchase your plants the buds should be nice and tight to help prolong the life of your poinsettia.  These plants are  warm room lovers and need good light to perform well.  Allow the compost to dry slightly in between waterings and make sure they are drained well before replacing them in their saucers or pot covers.

Other indoor plants to choose for a warm room are Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis), Cambrias (Odontoglossum-type hybrid orchids), Kalanchoe, Stephanotis and St. paulia.

Much of the colour that is around at Christmastime comes from cooler-loving plants.  Cyclamen are a good choice for un-heated or very cool rooms so long as they receive plenty of light.  Allow the surface of the compost to dry slightly in between waterings, cyclamen hate constantly wet feet.

Other cool-loving colourful characters at this time of the year are azaleas and these plants don’t like drying out at all.  Water well, either from the top or by immersing the pot in a bowl of water.

Pot roses and Chrysanthemums will add even more colour to your cooler rooms and conservatories.  Bowls of bulbs, particularly hyacinths, will provide colour and perfume.

As with all flowering plants, remove faded flowers regularly to encourage new buds to develop.

Group some plants together for a real colour explosion and lets brighten up the dull winter days.

Wishing you all a very Merry  Christmas.