BRUGMANSIA “Angels Trumpets”

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BRUGMANSIA “Angels Trumpets”

    It is really beginning to feel more spring-like at the moment and young starter bedding plants are selling well now as everyone is getting in the mood for a bit of growing.  It’s surprising what a little sunshine can do!

     Apart from all the usual plants for baskets and containers, our batch of starter Brugmansias are now in and are already selling fast.  Many of you will be familiar with these plants already as I know a lot of people buy them each year.  If you do not recognise the name, they have been sold for many years as Datura.

     Brugmansias or “Angels Trumpets” as they are more commonly known make a large plant in one season which will fill a large tub to stand out in the garden or on the patio.  Plants purchased at the moment will need potting into a slightly larger pot and grown on in a bright frost-free location.  After all danger of frost has passed they can be transferred to a larger container to go outside in a sunny spot.

     The flowers are large,  trumpet-shaped and scented.  Flower colours come in pink shades, white, yellow and bi-colours.  There is also now a variety with twin flowers.  This is not a double-flowering type but one which produces a “trumpet” within a “trumpet”.  Quite striking and very unusual.

     Keep your Brugmansias well-watered and fed throughout the summer months.  When colder weather returns in late autumn you can prolong the flowering season by bringing your plants indoors into a well-lit porch or conservatory.  After flowering, cut the stems back and over-winter in a frost free place.

     Just one word of warning with Brugmansias, all parts of the plants are poisonous so handle with care and position out of reach of children and pets.