BRUGMANSIA Angel’s trumpet

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BRUGMANSIA Angel’s trumpet

You may be forgiven for not recognising the name Brugmansia but chances are you will know it under its other name of  Datura.  In actual fact Daturas are more likely to be found on sale during early summer as half-hardy annuals, Brugmansias are the tender shrubby species which require over-wintering under cool frost-free conditions.

It is once again that time of the year to think about growing-on Brugmansias from young  plants and as our batch  arrived this week I will pass on a few tips for getting the best from your plants.

The young brugmansias are sold in a small pot and only stand around 9”-12” high at this stage.  The first job is to pot the plant on into a 5” or 6” pot using a soil based compost.  Place in a bright frost-free location and water freely.  Allow the plant to develop and fill the pot with root before moving on to a larger pot.  The aim is to end up with a plant in a 10” or 12” tub that can go outside for the summer.  Alternatively you could plant  your brugmansia straight into the greenhouse border and allow it to mature there.  Pinching out the growing tips will encourage bushy growth.

The large trumpet-shaped flowers will develop from around June onwards and they give off the most beautiful perfume in the evenings, the time when they attract their natural pollinators, moths,

Water and feed throughout summer and bring the pots back indoors for winter.  Cool and light conditions with just enough water to keep them moist will see them through until the following spring.  Re-pot in April or pot into a larger pot if needed and trim the stems  back to  9” to 12”.  Increase the watering and new shoots should soon start to appear.

Just one final point to be aware of with brugmansias, all parts of the plant are poisonous so take care when handling them and position them well away from children and pets.