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A Garden Evolves With Time!

When I look back at when I first started tending my garden there were no plants in it, just a square in the centre of overgrown lawn and the rest of it was soil and rubbish. It was a sunny garden though until the late afternoon when the two great poplars at the side and…
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Hedera Helix Common Ivy

     When it comes to choosing foliage plants for the house hedera helix (ivy) deserves a mention even if it is more commonly associated with the garden.      Ideally ivies need a cool environment which is brightly lit without any strong summer sunshine.  So, our old favourite for cool-growing lovers, the enclosed cool porch or…
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A Spring in my Step!

It doesn’t take a lot of sunshine to put a spring into my step, so I was out in the garden this Sunday morning before you read this enjoying my snowdrops, hellebores, first crocus and looking for other signs of whose coming. Seeing the garden looking a untidy from the fallen twigs and small branches…
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     Although fittonias are only small and low-growing they certainly stand out in a crowd with their coloured, boldly-veined leaves. This factor has earned them the common name of “snakeskin plant”.   Leaf colour varies from red, through pink shades to white and you can choose between large or small leaves.  Leaf size is actually an…
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New Year Plant Check

I do like it when we pass the shortest day and the hours of daylight start to increase. With that thought in mind I was having an indoor plant check recently and was delighted to see how quickly some of my plants are already sending up new growths. that I bought in flower around Christmastime…
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Sunny Flowers!

It felt a little sad on Sunday morning seeing the flowers on Winter Jasmine looking a little washed out and faded, but that was short lived after my morning walk around the back garden where I could see some little golden yellow winter aconite flowers with more lots more to follow. There’s also several groups…
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Gardeners’ Question Time

Join us in the Four Seasons Coffee Shop for our Gardeners Question Time. Our Plant Area Manager, Anita, will be joined on the panel by several experts talking about plants and gardening & to answer all your gardening questions.Included in the ticket price is your choice of hot drink and a fruit or cheese scone,…
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It’s been a busy Year!

I hope you have all had a good gardening year in 2016, for me it’s been exceptionally busy because I took on an allotment plot. I’ve wanted to have a go for years but always had a reason not to. After some researching on the internet of various ‘no dig’ methods I decided that I…
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An Afternoon of Music and Afternoon Tea

Join us in the Four Seasons Coffee Shop for an afternoon of live Piano Music (a mix of classical and modern) served with our delicious Afternoon Tea. This is a ticket only event, tickets are £15 each and can be purchased in the Coffee Shop. Tuesday 11th April 3:30pm – 5pm

Poinsettia Euphorbia pulcherrima

Euphorbia pulcherrima, more commonly known as poinsettia, is a large deciduous shrubby plant with red bracts (modified leaves) originating in Mexico.  In its natural habitat it can reach 5′ or 6′ in height, not a very practical plant for the house, but careful breeding over the years has resulted in some lovely compact varieties ideal…
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