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Radermachera Sinica

If you are looking for a nice foliage plant for one of your rooms, a good choice would have to be a Rademachera sinica or “Emerald tree” as it is more commonly known.  The shiny emerald green foliage gives this plant its common name.  A native to subtropical southeast Asia, you may also find Radermachera…
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Meet Tony – Our new Plant Buyer!

With over 22 years as a professional Horticulturalist and a lifetime spent messing about in gardens, Tony will be able to answer most customer questions immediately but has a huge library of information resources for the more complex problems. Well known throughout the Horticultural world, Tony has built up a long list of contacts in…
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British climate is the envy of gardeners the world over

The British climate is the envy of gardeners the world over. Where else can you grow such a diverse range of plants and revel in the fact that mother nature is on your side with her capacity to provide a healthy supply of rain and sun to keep our gardens in good order? Well, I…
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Crossandra Undulifolia Firecracker Flower

     Take one look at a crossandra and you will see why it has become known as the “Firecracker Flower”, the bright orange blooms bursting out above  the dark green glossy foliage like a firework display.  Even when not in bloom crossandras are attractive with their shiny leaves.      One great thing about this indoor…
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New Opening Hours

      Please be advised our Opening Hours have now changed; Monday to Saturday – 9:00am to 5:00pm Sunday – 10:00am to 4:00pm


     Bougainvillea is an extremely showy climbing plant with colourful papery bracts (modified leaves), hence the common name of “paper flower”.  There are several colours available but the deep pink or purple still remains the most popular.      Bougainvilleas require room to grow and are therefore best suited to greenhouses or conservatories where they will…
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Ferns Make Interesting Foliage Plants!

Walking around the garden this morning shortly after the rain was wonderful leaving everything smelling fresh, dripping with raindrops with the plants looking totally revitalised too. I set about my speed gardening as usual, weeded first then tidied up some ferns by cutting away the old tatty fronds followed by clearing little poplar tree twigs…
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Indoor Hibiscus Rose of China

     I am frequently asked for houseplants for a sunny windowsill and I have to say that not many fit into  that category very well. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Rose of China) however actually requires bright light in which to thrive so is one plant I can recommend.      Indoor hibiscus have  dark green glossy leaves and…
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Taking Out the Competition!

Last year I incorporated a daily routine, weather permitting of course of what I call ‘speed gardening’ so my first speed gardening session this year has been tackling cleavers and hairy bittercress in my perennials. They are so annoying because the cleavers creeps through and sticks to any emerging foliage trying to strangle and suppress…
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IMPATIENS New Guinea hybrids

 It is always an exciting time when the summer bedding plants start to arrive on the garden centre and one of my particular favourites are the New Guinea Impatiens (Busy Lizzie).  Not to be confused with the lower-growing Impatiens Wallerana which is an excellent summer bedding plant for borders and containers, the New Guinea hybrids…
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