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A Butterfly Magnet!

One of my main interests other than gardening is wildlife. There is one beautiful shrub that will always attract my attention during summer, not just for its wonderful fragrant colourful flowers but the wildlife that it attracts. The Buddleja is the Butterfly Bush, its one of the most popular plants on the butterfly menu and…
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The plants are a lot brighter with that sunshine!

Did you enjoy watching the Chelsea Flower Show last week? I certainly did, and with the show and warm weather it’s motivated me to get ‘stuck into’ part of my garden that I’ve wanted to work on but have made slow progress because of the persistent rain. We often say ‘right plant for the right…
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Herbaceous Perennials

All through the winter like most of you I’ve been looking at bare, rather untidy patches of ground where my herbaceous perennial plants lay dormant. I’ve had my spring clean up getting rid of the weeds; these harbour pests, diseases and give competition for water. I love the little Dog Violets that grow freely everywhere…
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These nodding beauties make me smile!

Have you looked around your garden closely and noticed what’s growing, in flower or hasn’t even gone to ‘sleep’ yet for the winter? I sowed some Calendula, Pot Marigold seeds last spring and they are still in flower. It’s amazing isn’t it? After walking around what I call my woodland/wildlife garden I was feeling very…
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Happy New Year In The Garden!

Like so many other gardeners I lost plants during the last winter and spent most of 2011 grieving for them. They’ve been replaced with various hardier specimens and have enjoyed a very long growing season building up their strength for this winter. My shrub Fuchsia ‘Ricartonii’ still has leaves and flowers which shows how mild…
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No need to be ‘SAD’ in the garden, just look at those Winter Pansies!

I’m often asked about plants to keep the garden looking alive and interesting during autumn and winter. There are trees with textured, exfoliating or coloured bark, like the Betula utilis var. jacquemontii with its beautiful chalk white bark, while others bear fruit like the Crab Apple and Rowan. Some shrubs have bright coloured stems, berries,…
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